Seeing the human


Demoskop becomes a member of WIN

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Brand effects of digital display

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The Lyberg conference – The future of election polling

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The book about Demoskop

Demoskop’s history begins in 1989. After 30 years, they merged with Inizio and created today’s company – a specialist in analysis and strategy. Read the exciting story in the book “Seeing the human”

Demoskop is a member of Esomar, a global organisation that works with all types of issues relating to surveys and data management, including methodology, selection and ethical regulations. All members follow the guidelines that ESOMAR works with, and this means a quality guarantee for all aspects related to our surveys. Read more about it here.

Demoskop is a member of the international industry organization WIN (Worldwide Independent Network of Market Research and Opinion Poll). WIN is a global network of independent research firms. The network consists of more than 45 companies in over 73 countries and thus offers a global reach and international expertise in market and opinion research.