Business & Personal Finance

We map the conditions for entrepreneurship

The conditions for entrepreneurship are always changing. Political decisions, market conditions and skills provision are just some of the key factors. Demoskop has a unique position when it comes to understanding and describing the conditions of entrepreneurship in Sweden.

These include prospects, the local business environment, how laws and regulations affect different activities, the driving forces and everyday life of entrepreneurs, the innovation climate, but also how decision-makers and the public relate to entrepreneurship and key issues such as profits and wage setting. The studies are often done for advocacy purposes, to draw attention to important issues or to identify obstacles and opportunities for a positive business environment.

We take the temperature of the household economic situation

The economic situation of households is crucial for both businesses and social development. How does the situation change for different social groups? What are the economic margins for households? What are the patterns of consumption and what is the public’s view of the economic outlook?

Our surveys of Swedes’ perceptions of their own economy are extensive and go back a long way. Here you will find in-depth knowledge of everything from household anxiety and security to their expectations for the future and economic sustainability.

In our annual life and valuation study, for example, we follow key issues such as housing costs, savings, pensions and consumption behaviour.

Since 2003, Demoskop has collaborated with SEB where we measure the public’s expectations of house prices and other issues related to housing costs, in the Housing Price Indicator.


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