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For over 30 years, Demoskop has followed and analysed the changes in political opinion.

Knowing what the Swedish public thinks on key issues is often decisive for how companies and organisations choose to act. Surveys are often used as internal basis for decisions, but many times they are also carried out with the intention that the results will be published.

Our experience is that recent results from well-conducted surveys are often given significant media space.

We also conduct a monthly political voter barometer. In the last election, Demoskop was the institute that came closest to the actual outcome. We have solid experience of working with customers who want to be seen and position themselves within a specific issue. This can be anything from individual impacts, comparing attitudes or knowledge over two periods (before and after a certain activity), or establishing a currency that is monitored regularly and thus provides an opportunity to build a position over time. Through the Inizio panel, you get fast and reliable information about the perceptions of the general public. We can also select parts of the population such as Stockholmers, parents, gainfully employed or even specific occupational groups. Much of the basic information is already available, so we only need to add your specific questions.

We can help you measure public opinion

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