Scientific council

Here at Demoskop, quality permeates everything we do. From method selection and sampling to customer delivery.

Since its inception in 1989, Demoskop has been one of Sweden’s leading survey companies. A long and successful history requires accuracy, methodical expertise and business acumen. The research industry is currently undergoing significant development, which requires knowledge of statistical theory and methodology, an understanding of how big data can be utilized and how quality assurance can be ensured at every stage. At Demoskop, we address these challenges in several ways: we actively participate in industry organizations both in Sweden and internationally, we collaborate with research and often work in close partnership with our clients.

To support our commitment to quality, we have a scientific council consisting of leading experts in statistics and research methodology.

  • Gunilla Broadbent, President ESOMAR Foundation, the global, market, social and opinion research foundation.
  • Måns Magnusson, Assistant Professor of Statistics, Uppsala University
  • Joakim Malmdin, Ph.Lic. of Statistics, Advisor, Statistics Sector, Statistics Center Abu Dhabi
  • Johan Martinsson, Ph.D. Political Science, Director of SOM-institutet at University of Gothenburg.

Gunilla Broadbent

Måns Magnusson

Joakim Malmdin

Johan Martinsson