About us

We help you succeed, by understanding the person beyond the data points

Demoskop is a fact-based analysis company that offers our clients insights and recommendations based on high-quality data and advanced analysis. We understand people, their values, attitudes, opinions and actions.

Our expertise is in social and opinion surveys, brand and communication measurements, financial services, sustainability and other data-driven surveys. We are independent and do not take political positions.

We often work as close partners with our clients, and we see that it provides them with business benefits that others find challenging to deliver.

Demoskop was founded in 1989 and merged with Inizio in 2019. We collect data in many different ways, increasingly digitally, and share results and insights in the format our clients prefer, such as lectures,  traditional powerpoint presentations, dashboards and in real time. Our clients face complex challenges in a rapidly changing world. Analyzing and explaining this is our focus.

Our clients are the best and we are proud of every single one. They have high demands and expectations and we do everything we can to meet them. We inspire, inform and work closely together to create strategies and help our clients improve their business.

Welcome to us!