The Lyberg conference 2023

Polling, Media and Democracy

Democracy faces unparalleled challenges today. Independent media is pivotal in reflecting society’s true state, while polling bridges the gap between voters and the elected. This year the theme of the Lyberg conference is Polling, Media and Democracy. A number of the world’s leading experts share their views on the development.

Quality, curiosity, and innovation are essential components integrated in the very essence of Demoskop. Our late colleague Lars Lyberg was one of the world’s most prominent scholars in the field of survey research. To honour his memory, and continue the important work that he did, we invite you to the annual Lyberg conference.

The Lyberg conference takes place on Friday, December 1, 2023 14.00-16.30 (UTC +1)
at Epicenter, Regeringsgatan 61a, Stockholm, Sweden.

The conference will also be live-streamed via Youtube

Speakers at the conference

The Lyberg conference – The future of election polling

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The Lyberg Conference – A new Survey Landscape

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The Lyberg Conference – A new survey landscape

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