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The Lyberg Super Conference – A new survey landscape

The future of market research is full of challenges and opportunities. New technologies, declining response rates and the need for speed enables new methods, faster analytics and report creation.

Quality, curiosity and innovation is essential in every aspect of the work that Demoskop does. Our colleague Lars Lyberg was one of the world’s foremost within the field of survey research. Unfortunately, he passed away earlier this year. To honor his memory and to continue the important work that he did we arranged the Lyberg conference – A new survey landscape.

A number of the world’s leading researchers shared their view on the development. The focus was on the development of new methods, new ways of collecting and analyzing data and quality control. 

          – “Lars Lyberg was timeless, he would always pick up the new technologies
              and put them into context of surve and official data collection”
              Professor Frauke Kreuter.

          – ”In the usual mathematical treatment, surveys are considered as random
              samples by analogy to picking balls at random from an urn.  Real surveys
              are nothing like this. Generalizing from available data to the general
is a challenge.  Knowing that we will have this challenge:
              this should affect
how we decide to gather data”
              Professor Andrew Gelman

          – “Passive data can increasingly be used to supplement or replace survey
              data. The mobile phone, apps and wearables are important when
              collecting passive data. A recent thing is called tappigraphy, which is
              the study of taps you make on your smartphone. The speed of the
              taps changes throughout the day and also depends on our mood.”
              Dr Stephanie Eckman

The program

Welcome and introduction                                                     Karin Nelsson
Opening key note                                                                      Lilli Japec
Design of Surveys in a Non-Probability Sampling world Andrew Gelman
Total survey error, improving survey quality                      Paul Biemer
Passive data collection (apps and sensors)                     Stephanie Eckman
Ingredients for a total quality in a big data world            Frauke Kreuter
Survival of the fittest – data collection
strategies in the digital transition of social surveys   Johanna Laiho-Kauranne
Panel discussion                                                                       
Closing                                                                                        Karin Nelsson  

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