Analyzes provide Spendrup with a stable basis for business decisions

Challenge and problem statement

In 2019, Spendrups wanted a strategic partner in the work with brand tracking and campaign measurements for the major brands in the beer, soft drinks and water categories. A partner who could both start from the various steps in a marketing plan and understand the business, the objectives, the market and analyze the respective brand’s position and communication linked to it. An important part of this was also a partner who could include the work of both the advertising agency and the media agency in analyzes and draw conclusions to jointly adapt strategies going forward. Demoskop had the skills and experience needed to assume the role of strategic partner in this complex assignment with the needs of many different stakeholders to take into account.

There was a pronounced need to create an overview of the data, while also needing clearer insights to better understand the target groups’ needs and driving forces. The client wanted to be able to follow selected KPIs for each brand in a simple way, as well as to receive in-depth analyzes and summaries about the development and thoughts about strategic investments going forward.

How we solved it

As a starting point, Demoskop took advantage of the existing brand platforms, created forms and selected KPIs to follow. Based on that, we built a digital dashboard where everyone involved both at Spendrups, the media agency and the advertising agency can easily follow the brand’s development on an ongoing basis. Demoskop is responsible for quarterly in-depth analyzes and presentations led by our consultants, where we constantly summarize developments and have discussions about important priorities going forward. Demoskop has a continuous dialogue and acts as a sounding board for both strategic and tactical questions about how the various brands can achieve further success.

Demoskop makes campaign measurements for all major campaigns where we analyze both the reception of the creative design, as well as which media channels have worked best to reach different target groups. At the presentations, both the advertising agency and the media agency are present to reason about the results and possible adjustments for the next campaign.

This was the result

Through the continuous dialogue about both sales, brand development, competitors, target groups and communication, Demoskop has a very integrated role in Spendrup’s marketing organization, as well as an ongoing dialogue with both advertising agencies and media agencies about the communication efforts. The insight work and environmental analyzes contribute to business decisions being based on a stable foundation of consumers’ future needs and driving forces. This contributes to Spendrups as a company being able to continue to be at the forefront and reach set targets for growth.

– It’s really both great fun and a great trust to have such a close collaboration around many different types of issues concerning both business opportunities, brand trips and strategic communication linked to it, says Erik Berling, Senior Advisor at Demoskop.

– We have a close collaboration that is based on an open dialogue about business goals, the brand positioning on the market for our various products and the choice of optimal communication efforts based on that. Demoskop contributes many valuable insights and strategically important information about all these parts, says Björn Ivarsson, Media Manager at Spendrups.

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