Brand & Communication

We are your partner, from business goals to impact!

We are your partner, from business goals to impact

It is our task as a partner to understand your situation, analyse available information, provide answers to new questions and produce a document that helps you in your strategic and operational work.

We are specialists in brand research and analysis to create positioning/differentiation of your brand in relation to competitors. Based on your brand platform, we conduct brand research regarding which attributes are most important to create a positive overall impression or preference for your brand over the competition.

We also have extensive experience of campaign measurements, analyses and strategies regarding optimisation of content and channel selection for communication and campaigns. To achieve both long-term brand-building goals and more direct tactical sales, through both purchased, own and earned channels. Through target group analyses with an understanding of purchase prices and touchpoints, we ensure that you reach your most important customers. Our goal is to always combine analyses of our surveys with other relevant data such as media investments, sales data and Google Analytics to create a holistic perspective of strategic decision bases for our clients’ business and communication.