Demoskop becomes a member of WIN

Demoskop, one of the leading research companies in Sweden, is announcing its membership in the international research network, WIN (Worldwide Independent Network of Market Research and Opinion Poll).

WIN is a global network of independent market research and polling firms, providing access to a range of research services across multiple industries and sectors. The network is comprised of over 45 member companies in more than 73 countries, offering a global reach and expertise to clients.

With the WIN membership, Demoskop gains access to a global network of research professionals. This unlocks new growth opportunities including an expansion of Demoskop’s capabilities and enhancement of the ability to provide high-quality research services to the clients. The network provides a platform for knowledge-sharing and collaboration, enabling Demoskop to leverage the insights and expertise of a global community of researchers.

“We are thrilled to be joining the international research network WIN,” said Karin Nelsson, Managing Partner of Demoskop. “This membership provides us with access to a wealth of knowledge and expertise from across the globe, allowing us to provide even better research services to our clients.”

Demoskop has been providing high-quality research services to clients for over 30 years, offering market research, opinion polling, and strategic consulting services across a range of sectors. The company has a strong reputation for its rigorous research methodologies, delivering insightful and actionable results to its clients.

“Joining the WIN network is an important step for us as we continue to grow and expand our services,” said Nelsson. “We are excited about the opportunities this membership brings and look forward to collaborating with other members of the network to deliver outstanding research services to our clients.”

“I’m very happy to welcome Demoskop to our network of research experts! As a growing community we are excited to be represented in Sweden. Our active network, with colleagues from around the world, continues to grow. The clients of the WIN network keep benefitting from international expertise and knowledge”, said Vilma Scarpino President of the WIN network.


Karin Nelsson

Managing Partner, Demoskop

Phone: +46 702 21 39 94



Vilma Scarpino

WIN President


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