About us

Demoskop is one of the sharpest and most modern company in analysis in Sweden.

Demoskop was founded 30 years ago and offers research and analysis within opinion, building of brands, communication and business development. During almost 30 years Demoskop has measured the political preferences of the Swedish population. Together with Inizio, Demoskop was the company that came closest to the actual result in the general election 2018.

Inizio was founded in 2012 and has from the start been breaking new grounds regarding development of methods and analysis of new data sources. An important part has been the Inizio-panel with over 65 000 participants.

Since 2019 the two companies has merged into Demoskop AB. The Inizio name remains for further development of digital techniques, for instance the Inizio-panel. The research industry is going through a fast development. People change their habits at the same time as the amount of available data rapidly increases. This raises the demands on the research companies - and creates big opportunities for development for the ones who can navigate their way through this complex landscape.

Together Demoskop and Inizio combines deep expertise and experience, which opens for new strong offers. Regarding both traditional collection of data and so called big data and automation.

We work very closely with our clients and see that it gives them business ROI that others can not match. Welcome to us!

Quality & Methods

To combine innovation and new ways of thinking with stability and quality is a tough balance. At Demoskop we always strive to master that challenge and to be the leading company in the research industry regarding new products and services that are reliable.

Through the link below you can find studies and reports that we have participated in, innovative services and products that we offer and information from which we ourselves get inspiration.

Our collective experience makes us valuable advisors to management groups and boards. We analyse data combining the latest methods and our curiosity of what is happening in the world. With our knowledge about many different systems we make the solutions both flexible and neat.

What our clients say

  • Kristina Ossmark, Martin & servera
    Demoskop is a valuable partner to us and we have done customer surveys together for many years. Professional and quick service and high quality in the analysis makes us continue together year after year
    Kristina Ossmark, Martin & servera